Management of users' personal information

When registering a personal profile on the NextLove® website you are asked to provide certain information like a screen name (username) of your own choosing, an email address, date of birth etc. We encourage all persons who sign up to choose a screen name that can never be traced to their real identity as well as an anonymous email account that is created for NextLove® solely to ensure your full confidentiality. It is also very important to choose a password that you have never used before and we encourage you to frequently change it to maintain the confidentiality of the information you provide.

The email address you provide during account registration at NextLove® will never be visible or otherwise available to other users. We still encourage all our members and users to create an anonymous separate email account at an email provider like Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL or similar. This will also secure your emails from being read by other members of family or friends by accident. The only exception is if we are imposed by a local court, or other legal authority. Safety is also ensured having chosen one of Europe''s most serious and most secure suppliers of server services to host our websites.

Please note that we do not accept any liability or responsibility for any damage or loss you may suffer as a result of not following the guidelines provided in this Privacy Policy or our terms of agreement.

NextLove® is in no way involved in activities that involve the sale, redistribution or other unauthorized use of your personal information. By providing your personal information to us and using our website, you say you agree with our terms and conditions as described in this text and in our terms of agreement available here.

All processing of personal information will follow the provisions of applicable data protection legislation and regulation. You have the right to information about the information we store about you and request that faulty information is corrected. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your personal information.

In spite of the fact that we try to comply with the highest standards regarding the protection of any (personal and/ or private) information and abuse by others according to the applicable legislation we decline every responsibility and/or liability in the event of unauthorized use and/or loss of information.

Non-sensitive information

To ensure the quality of our products, we make statistical analysis of profile responses, and collect information over the web traffic. This information will never be associated with the individual user, and consequently have no consequences for you.

Whether to contact you by e-mail

NextLove® reserves the right to use e-mail address for the purposes you through the checkbox on the website have agreed to. Thus, we may use it to answer queries you have sent us, to convey information to you and to confirm the receipt of e-mail you may have sent to us, or if we for some reason you need to contact you regarding your account or the Service. NextLove® will never send out spam or use the database to help others do such activities. SPAM is in this context defined as the mass mailing of unsolicited e-mail messages used for marketing purposes. E-mail marketing of NextLove’s activities may be sent out to all members. You may opt out of such marketing by ticking the appropriate box in your user profile or by following the link provided at the bottom of each such marketing e-mail sent you.

Credit card information

When paying via our website, you are ensured that NextLove® or other sites can not access your bank account or credit card number. NextLove® do not store any credit card sensitive information, and uses Wirecard which is a leading professional payment service for online transactions. Your Wirecard account is secured via BBS ePay.


To be able to log in to NextLove® pages you must have enabled cookies feature in your private web browser. "Cookies" is used to identify our servers for your computer so they can recognize each other. If there are any problems related to "Cookies" you will be told to put down your security. This is done by going into tools -> internet options -> privacy (tools -> internet options -> security in Internet Explorer. Consult the user manual if you are using a different web browser.

By using the Service and/or the Website you agree unambiguously to the use of cookies in order to enable us to use, develop and/or improve the Service and the Website.


In order to access our site and use our Service you must agree to and accept our terms of use. These terms contain all the aspects that govern the understanding between us as a provider and you as a user. The terms of use are available here.