How To Get Back Into Dating After Divorce

It’s possible that like millions of other divorcees across the globe you swore you’d never date again after your divorce - but like anything, time does eventually heal, at least most of the wounds!
You’re ready to date and even if you’re reading this thinking that it won’t happen to you, it will – one day.
There’s no doubt that things have changed. There are so many different avenues to try when it comes to dating and with the onset of technology you can date after divorce at the click of a button, for example, when you use Next Love. If you’re not familiar with modern dating, it’s time to get with the program and get on-board! Let Next Love give you our top tips on getting back into dating after your divorce!

1.Remember Why You are Awesome

Before you start dating again after your divorce, remember to take time to find yourself again. Remember what is great about you and why people love you. If you know why you are a catch, then you will be more selective when you start dating. Respect yourself and other people will too. This is important also to know who is a good fit for you. You didn’t do it right the first time, OK, now what? Who are you now, and what are your needs and dreams?

2.Give Yourself A Make-Over

Have you changed since your divorce? If you haven’t changed your wardrobe in ten years and you’re still wearing your hair the same way you did at university it’s time to re-invent yourself! Go out and buy yourself some fabulous new outfits that really flatter your figure or body shape if you’re a man. Why not get a new haircut? The point here is to do what makes you feel good inside. It will reflect on the outside too. How do you want to look? Dating after divorce can be a good motive to re-invent yourself!

3. Been outside since your divorce? Go Out

Your next partner isn’t going to suddenly appear at your front door unless your postman’s single and you rather like the look of him, so you need to get out and about. Call up some of your friends and go out together – there’s safety in crowds when you’re just starting out again. Look into local groups such as book clubs, cinema clubs or try something new! You could learn to play tennis, take up golf, get involved in card games, all of these are very sociable activities and increase your interests too so you’re bound to have fun.

Dating After Divorce

4. Give Online Dating a Try

As well as going out, you should get online! Use your online contacts and join local social media groups, look up old friends and see what they’re up to, you’re bound to find others in the same situation as you. Join a dating site but do make sure it’s tailored to your needs. Next Love is ideal because it is directed at people just like you, divorcees or those who’ve been in a very long relationship looking for a new love. Set up a realistic profile, when you’ve had your make-over get some great pictures taken and take the plunge! It won’t be long before your inbox is full of exciting dating offers!

5. Set the rules for your future dating post-divorce experiences

It’s important to know that you set the rules. You know yourself by now, maybe, a little, so try and establish what you want out of your new dating post-divorce experience. When you have a clear picture of whether you are looking for a serious relationship, a casual relationship or some innocent online chats perhaps? – then it becomes much easier to find a partner with the same motives.

6. Don’t Play Games

Even though you set the rules – we might help you get started with some clear no-goes. Unless you want to ONLY date after your divorce. Be straight forward and don’t play games with potential partners. You won’t want someone playing games with you and it will give you a bad reputation. If you think you’ve met someone who is toying with you – move on. Be upfront with people, don’t lie and most of all, be yourself.

7. Avoid Talking About Your Ex

Too often divorcees spend their date nights talking about what went wrong in their last relationship. You are divorced – and this is your second chance at dating. Don’t waste it. This doesn’t make for great conversation! If you’ve got that date then enjoy it – keep it light, have fun and leave your ex firmly in the past.

8. Give yourself a break

First date after your divorce didn’t end in another marriage? GOOD! Give yourself a break, laugh at life a little. Do you know how many times people fail before the make it? A lot of times – let’s just keep it at that! Have some fun with it, take the chance to take yourself less seriously. If you mess up, try again. Look at yourself like you do when you think of the mistakes you did 20 years ago – smile!

9. Ask Your Married Friends

Ask your friends and contacts if they know anyone in a similar situation as you who would like to meet someone. Dating after divorce is a situation many finds themselves in. There is bound to be someone they know who you haven’t met and your friends know you well enough to pair you with someone who has similar interests as you do. If you don’t ask, you never know who’s round the corner!

Dating after divorce doesn’t sound as daunting as you thought so why not try your chances with Next Love? We have thousands of success stories across the world which is why we are the number one dating site for divorced people – you could be our next success story!