Senior Dating - Companionship at Any Age

When it comes to having fun and enjoying your love life, age really is just a number. Miss having that special someone in your life? You’re not alone.

Many people are quick to assume sex and romancing are the last thing on grandma and grandpa’s to-do list, but they couldn’t be farther from the truth. With all the focus our society puts on the young and maintaining a youthful appearance, it is no surprise this need goes unseen.

As a result of the unfortunate myth that the need for affection and romancing wanes as at the same rate a person’s age does, further resulting in the loneliness which plays a serious role in a senior’s health and motivation rapidly declining. LGBT seniors are unfortunately twice as likely to be living alone and experiencing loneliness.

The power of cupid’s arrow has no less affect on someone because of their age, you just need to know where to look for other silver foxes and gilfs like yourself!

Thanks to modern technology we have more options than ever to keep in touch with the people we know and branch out into the world to meet even more. Join a dating website to meet thousands of local singles! Simply because your kids moved out and your social circles are changing does not mean you must face the world alone! Find companionship today with the help of Next Love.

What can you do? Find a companion that works with your life.

If it’s just a dinner date you’re looking for, that’s fine. Maybe you’re seeking a travel companion, bridge partner, bird watcher, or fellow karaoke enthusiast. Whatever it is that you like to do, find an accomplice who shares your same passions so you can get more out of your time together.

Next Love allows you to specify what makes you unique and search only for like minded individuals so you can start dating your new partner sooner!

Starting with the initial step of setting up your profile on the website, you can define who you are, your interests, what you’re looking for, and even what you aren’t looking for.

How to Get Started: Step-By-Step

1) Create an Account.

Pick a Username. This is like a nickname that tells others a little bit about you. It shouldn’t be too long. Don’t be afraid to use your humor!

Add an Active Email Address. This will help you receive notifications of potential matches as well as make password recovery much easier!

2) Fill in Profile.

Add Your Photos. Begin by choosing some of your best photos of yourself.

Complete Profile Page. Fill in each section with any and all traits that describe you. This is how your matches begin to get acquainted.

3) Find and Chat with Local Singles.

Search for Singles In Your Area. Narrow your search down with as many or as few qualifications as you’d like. Seek what is important to you!

Start Messaging Singles. Have fun getting to know potential matches by messaging and using our fun flirting features.

4) Meet Your Match.

Chat with Prospective Partners. Once you know you two are on the same page, many individuals like to speak on the phone with their matches to better familiarize with a likely companion.

Arrange a Date! When the mood is right, plan out your date. A dinner or event would be a lovely choice. Be confident and have fun!

Thanks to the slew of dating sites available, getting back into the dating scene is easier than ever. With countless dating websites specifically catered to older individuals, you don’t have to worry about weeding through people who aren’t ready to enjoy the finer aspects of life like you are.

For people on Next Love, age might be what brought you to the website, but we know that’s not the most important trait in a possible partner. We allow you to search for what matters, including their personality traits, hobbies, interests, and activity level.

We weren’t born yesterday!

Since we understand the risks that can be associated with dating in general, but especially meeting someone you know only through their online profile, we take safety seriously.

Since seniors typically prefer getting to know a potential partner in person rather than online, Next Love administers safety steps in the chatting phase so that if any point you feel unsafe, you are able to report and suspicious or disrespectful users. Our team of employees works hard to evaluate any and all claims and will take whatever steps necessary to remove any shady or dishonest users right away.

Choosing a senior-centric dating site like Next Love allows you to avoid the serial daters you tend to find on other sites and instead seek the others looking for a genuine connection, just like you. Have fun finding your next companion with Next Love!