Physical abuse, infidelity or lack of intimacy, main reasons for women asking for divorce

Europe’s largest social dating network for divorced and single parents, NextLove, polled almost 43,000 of its female members on the reasons for having left their marriages Different life goals, infidelity and non-stop arguing are the top three reasons women seek a divorce and begin searching for a new relationship online

Almost 32% of divorced women subscribed to NextLove, Europe’s largest social dating network for divorced and single parents, agree on the importance of having similar life goals for a marriage to succeed. In fact, after polling almost 43,000 female NextLove users, not having the same life goals as their husband has been confirmed as the No.1 reason why women initiate divorce proceedings.

“This lack of common interests in a long-term life together may also lead to the second reason on the list,” says Sigurd Vedal, CEO of both NextLove, an online dating site that gives divorced and single parents a new opportunity to find love, and leading extramarital affair platform VictoriaMilan. “While infidelity might sometimes be an effective way to save some marriages, it can also be responsible for breaking up many others,” Vedal continues. In fact, 29.2% of the women polled stated infidelity as the reason for leaving their marriages.

An impressive 10.9% of the respondents of this NextLove survey cite constant quarreling, bickering and arguing as a key reason to break up with their husbands, making it No.3 in the top 10 list. Lack of intimacy comes in at No.4, and this demonstrates that sexless marriages aren’t uncommon. Most women want excitement in the bedroom and a full/active sex life - if they’re not getting this at home, they will seek it elsewhere and it can lead to the eventual breakdown of their marriage. “Lack of intimacy can destroy a marriage and result in couples leading completely separate lives. We find many of our female and male users on sign up exactly because of this sexless situation within their couple,” explains Sigurd Vedal.

Coming in at No.5, with 5.6% of the responses, is mental illness as a reason for divorce. Living with a partner with mental health issues can be a challenge and often, despite best efforts, the marriage will crumble under the strain. Coming close behind this, with 5% of the responses, misconduct (basically unacceptable behaviour, whether this is emotional, financial or physical) is cited at the No.6 reason for asking for a divorce.

Slot No.7 goes to boredom, a relationship killer that has been given by 4.2% of the female respondents as the reason they wanted to end their marriages. Rather sadly, researchers at the University of Winnipeg found that the most common way for people to describe their relationship was ‘dull’.

More seriously, physical abuse comes in at No.8. Not surprisingly, women in abusive relationships seek to get out of their unhappy, often dangerous, situation. Household and money problems take the final two spots on the list.

“I think this list represents quite well why many women end their marriages and ask for divorce. The good thing is that, after getting over their breakup, they are then quite open to look for a second chance in love,” concludes Sigurd Vedal, CEO of NextLove.

The top 10 list of reasons for divorce:

  1. Different goals with life
  2. Infidelity
  3. Constant quarrels
  4. Lack of intimacy
  5. Mental illness
  6. Misconduct
  7. Boredom
  8. Physical abuse
  9. Household problems
  10. Money problems