10 tips to Improve Your Datingsite Profile for Guaranteed Success

A recent survey showed online dating among 18- to 24-year olds has almost tripled since 2013 and 12% of 55- to 64-year olds are using online dating sites to find meaningful relationships, as opposed to a mere 6% in 2013.

But how do you do it properly? Like so many of us, Amy Webb wasn’t having much luck with online dating. The men she liked never messaged her back and the invites she received were the furthest from what she was looking for in a partner, to put it nicely. So she did what most technophiles would do. A digital strategist and data-loving geek in pursuit of love, Webb realized that online dating and online marketing are very much the same, but where marketers use data to sell their product, we don’t. Dating sites collect and use it too so why aren’t we doing the same? She set out collecting as much relevant data as she could and created her very own super-profile and within a short space of time, Webb was the most sought after woman on the, er, web and the story ends with her meeting her now-husband. Amy successfully hacked online dating and you can too. Here are her rules for finding love on the ‘net.

10 Rules for Online Dating

 Improve Your Datingsite Profile

Positivity is attractive

Recently a friend arrived at my house announcing that she needed to stop for milk on the way home. After her visit, as she was leaving, I said “Don’t forget the milk” to which she said “Remember the milk! If you use a negative you will probably forget.” While this might seem like a completely unrelated topic, it’s not. Amy’s first rule for creating an online profile is to use aspirational language, with positive words that are optimistic and inspiring. Talk about your hopes and dreams, mention your passions and avoid anything that’s too serious. Read through your profile and if anything stands out as negative remove it or put a positive twist to it.

Short, sweet and to the point

When writing your profile keep it to the point, preferably between 90 and 100 words. If you don’t think your writing skills are up to scratch, write down a few key points, again keeping them short and sweet, and ask a friend to assist putting it all together, in a well-thought out, succinct way.

A picture says 1000 words

Don’t be coy when uploading photos of yourself. Use stunning pics, ones that show off your best features (unless it’s your boobs). Photos of you close up work well, where potential dates can see your eyes and your smile. Even online first impressions are important and while it takes 3 seconds for someone to decide if they find you attractive IRL, websites have revealed that it only takes users 50 milliseconds.

Humour doesn’t always work online

This might be a hard pill to swallow, especially if you think of yourself as a bit of a comedian but try not to be too funny on your profile. Humour doesn’t always come across on paper and what might be hilarious with your timing, tone and inflection might fall flat when read by someone, or be truly offensive, especially if they don’t know you.

Don’t name-drop

Unless you live and die by a celebrity, a comedian, actor, football team or musician, Amy suggests you don’t use specifics when it comes to your likes and dislikes. You can mention that you enjoy comedy, for example, without having to mention a specific comedian.

Taboo or not to taboo

While a fetish might make us more interesting and that we’re staunch pro-lifers is intriguing, leave it off your profile. No one is saying it’s wrong to have these convictions, but by putting them out there, you might attract convicts rather than potential dates.

It’s not a job interview

Yes, it’s awesome that you’re a published author, a Pulitzer winner and scaled Mount Everest with one hand tied behind your back, no one really cares, initially. Act online like you would in real life. As Amy says, if you met someone at a party you wouldn’t immediately start rattling off all your achievements. Leave them for a second or third date, or better yet, don’t mention them at all and have your potential partner find it out for themselves.

Flirt with caution

We have a general rule, which is, don’t say something to someone online if you wouldn’t say it face to face. This applies to conversations, disagreements, and flirting. Heavy flirting can leave you looking aggressive and desperate, so be mindful of how much you do.

Wait a while

This is the only point where we might disagree with Amy, but hey, she got the man, and we ‘re still looking. She says to wait for 20 – 23 hours before mailing or replying to a message so you don’t come off as desperate, however, we think you should reply whenever you feel like it. But like we said, she got to say “I do” and we’re still saying “If only”.

No stalkers allowed

It’s best to send messages or try calling during business hours or evenings rather than all hours of the morning. Also, don’t stalk Facebook profiles or Instagram accounts. It’s creepy.

There you go, not exactly rocket science. Let us know if you try any of these and what the outcome is.

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